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Skinny and beautiful: how compatible?

I have known this joke about women since I was a teenager. I call it a historian’s joke that goes:

”A woman in her 20s is like Africa – half explored! In her 30s, she is like India – warm and luxuriant. In her 40s, she is like America – technically perfect. In her 50s, she is like Europe – all of ruin! In her 60s, she is like Siberia – everyone knows where it is, but not one wants to go there!”

I cannot tell the author’s name, except that it was a man – an African man. We all know that traditionally, men crack jokes about women and wine (beer) – and sometimes about wealth.  You know men’s three ws?

But I can guarantee, this is one of those jokes that wouldn’t make a woman laught. It comes from the bottom of the hearts of the some men whose cultures ordain that men are ”more equal than women!”  Above all, it tells more about what men do to explore and ruin these women, and then abandon them.

For, whence would be the ”Europes” and ”Siberias” without men? And if we were to ask older women; are they really more comfortable with older men than with younger ones?

But still the look of some modern women goes a long way to disprove the ”truth” in this joke. 

Quick examples. With due respect, if we were allowed to make physical and intellectual comparisons between certain prominent women, the facts would turn tables down.

Take Victoria Beckham, or Cheryl Cole, for instance. They are currently two of the skinniest women on earth! Given their age, they are in the ‘Indian’ part of our joke.  But they do not look luxuriant!

And compare them with another, greater world celebrity – US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. In her 60s, Hillary looks younger, stronger and even prettier. 

I wish Simon Cowell read this piece in his search for X Factor judges. To some of us, skinny is not good enogh for model. Time for a change.


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