Dowans owner tours Dar

LITTLE known Oman-based owner of majority shares in the Dowans Holding SA and Dowans Tanzania Ltd, Brigadier General (rtd) Sulaiman Mohammed Yahya Al-Adawi, flew to Dar es Salaam Tanzania for an emergency meeting with the media and the government concerning his multi-million power project currently involved in political and legal controversies. He met selected media personnel at the Kilimanjaro Kempinski hotel, and issued a statement (see attached slides)

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. He took questions from journalists. To me, the following were important quotable quotes from Mr. Al-Adawi:

1. “I am here to find a happy resolution, a business decision. I am ready to offer something nice to Tanesco if it works out.”

2. “I don’t want to be known. I am a low-profile businessman. I walk free here in Dar es Salaam, and no one knows I own Dowans.”

3. “Rostam Azizi is a friend of mine. He invited me to come and invest here, but he didn’t put in any cent in the project.”

4. “I have businesses in 12 countries allover the world. I can’t go and represent myself in every country. That’s why I gave Rostam power of attorney.”

5. “We have not been tarnished, but we have been mixed up with something else (Richmond)”

6. “I do not need to be cleared by anyone; my electricity here will clear me.”Tazama Zaidi


Zimbabwe losing sovereignty?

IT is official, Zimbabwe has opted to use US dollars instead of its crumbling Zim dollar. Finance Minister Tendai Biti’s announcement that civil servants would be paid in foreign currency means a lot of things to different people.

To most Zimbabweans, it is good news. The US dollar is stable and has much more value. It can be used to buy goods beyond Zimbabwe without much ado. So, the finance minister’s decision is good news to most Zimbabweans but raises more questions as to the sovereignty of the country. All countries have got their own currencies. How come Zimbabwe is choosing to go American?


WeMedia names innovative finalists

US-based organisers of new media competitions, WeMedia, have announced the latest list of 16 finalists in a competition that involved 354 projects from 48 countries worldwide.

The competition –  The Power of Us: Re-imagine Media – is seeking to award innovative ideas in the use of new media for change. It lasted between December 8, 2008 and February 3, 2009.

The finalists were announced on February 3, 2009 and will be invited to a WeMedia conference in Miami, Florida. Each finalist will pitch their ideas to judges on February 26, 2009.

The judges will pick a winner from each category – business and not-for-profit – who will walk away with $25,000. Read more about the list of winners and losers and the organisers on the organisation’s webiste.

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